6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

Általános mélyépítési generálkivitelezés

HU 6753 Szeged,Dobi István street 26.

General constructionwork of civil engineering

HU 6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

General construcţii de inginerie civilă

6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

Általános mélyépítési generálkivitelezés

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About us

The OKTAÉDER Civil Engineering Service Provider and Commercial Limited Liability Company was established in 1990. Within civil engineering, the founding owners chose civil structural engineering and hydraulic engineering to be their fields of activity in the changing construction market around the time of the political regime change in Hungary. The professional background of the company is provided by the experience that the owners – and later the majority of the employees as well – have gained over several decades, partly as employees of the competent water-management authorities.

Between 1990 and 2010 the company operated primarily as sub-, later as main contractor, in the meantime maintaining its economic stability and improving its professionalism.

Based on the 20-year experience gained in the construction industry, the economic background of the company and the personal references of its experts employees, in October 2010 the owners of the OKTAÉDER Kft. reconsidered the company under the same name, yet reformed in its activity, dynamism and concept.

The changes brought about by the economic depression in the civil structural and hydraulic engineering market – the discontinued construction companies formerly operating in the region – have caused a significant change in the personnel of the OKTAÉDER Kft.

The definite aim of the owners is to establish a steady presence in the market based on its experienced and reliable personnel. The improvement governed by reliability and professional authenticity will expectably ensure continuous presence on all areas of the target markets.

Through OKTAÉDER’s experts and practical references gained, the company is an expert specialist of river constructions, river regulation works and thalweg inlets.

Our expertise entails applying the most modern GPS technologies based on so-called real-time survey systems in river and lake environments, and everyday use of hydrographical data management software. Bridge foundation tasks, harbour construction and reconstruction works, pier protection works, crop loader constructions, large volume earthworks enrich our list of references.

The majority of our staff was working in the past decades in flood control and inland drainage units as technical managers. Their practical expertise covers almost the entire area of Hungary, their familiarity with the locations offer plenty of unmatched experience.

Our engineers carried out complete sewage system and wastewater treatment plant construction works with pump stations, machinery and automated control installations for local governments.

In accordance with the general expectations of the construction industry we have in effect a Quality Management system compliant with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard, an environment-centric control system compliant with the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standard, and an occupational health and safety management system compliant with the MSZ 28001:2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007) standard.

The short-term aims of OKTAÉDER Kft. are to stabilize our market presence and significantly broaden the list of our references, and our long-term goal is a steady presence in the construction industry. We intend to satisfy our clientele with the help of our well-founded professional background placed on a stable economic and financing base.