6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

Általános mélyépítési generálkivitelezés

HU 6753 Szeged,Dobi István street 26.

General constructionwork of civil engineering

HU 6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

General construcţii de inginerie civilă

6753 Szeged,Dobi István utca 26.

Általános mélyépítési generálkivitelezés

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Reference areas

Public utility constructions

  • Construction of sewage systems, both gravity and pressure types, wastewater pump stations with machinery and control
  • Implementing drainage systems with open and closed sections, traditional and special bed elements, small and large diameter pipes and frame elements
  • Earth, structural and machinery constructions of wastewater treatment plants 

General hydraulic construction

  • Protective works of pipelines laid or to be laid in riverbeds; full construction works for pipeline-passages
  • Stone-works for hydraulic constructions, construction of steel-mesh bank protection and river stabilisation protective systems

Embankment construction works

  • Harbour constructions
  • Thalweg inlets with various pre-defined technical solutions and technologies
  • River and lake geodesic survey activity with real-time GPS technology, processed with hydrographical software, plotting, full documentation
  •  Bridge foundation tasks, construction area delimiting works, plate sinking, deep foundation works
  •  Constructing main and interim pump stations, sluice reconstruction works
  •  Earthworks of dilute sewage treatment plant storage lakes, foil insulations
  •  Deep construction works of landfills
  •  Construction of treatment bays, drainage trenches, storage pools
  •  Construction of drainage crossings for small watercourses, with bedding
  • Dehydration and construction area delimitation tasks

Machinery works

  • Construction of steel structural elements for ongoing projects, on-site installation and assembly
  • Production of complete hydraulic engineering units
  • Hydraulic-engineering assembly
  • Chipping and special sheet processing works


  •             Large volume earthworks in any construction work
  •             Maintenance and construction activities of flood-control works, special prevention tasks
  •             (dam construction, earth supports, protective works of prime bed crossings, vegetation
  •   technologies,   vegetation planting)
  •              Handling lowland minor stream brooks (landscape protection and rehabilitation works,
  •             bed-maintenance)
  •              Water management activities of agricultural lands and inland flood areas (drainage,
  •              dehydration plots, construction of drainage trenches)
  •              Welding and processing of corrosion-resistant structures

Contract preparatory works

  •              Compiling offers for individual and public procurement tenders
  •             Compiling offers for EU-financed tenders
  •             Desktop publishing and web-page design services
  •             Complex company image design



Name And Seat Of The Client

Name, place and nature of the construction

Start and end date of the construction

Gross price (HUF)

Rodeport Kft.

H-1037 Budapest,Jablonka u. 77.,


Grain loading port at Fadd-Dombori on the Danube at marker 1506+860 rkm, construction of a port and hydraulic structures

12 Sep 2004 – 05 May 2005


Országos Környezet­védelmi, Természet­védelmi és Vízügyi Főigazgatóság

(National Environment, Nature and Water Protection Directorate)H-1012Budapest,
Márvány u. 1/C., HUNGARY

VTT investment project – Reconstruction of the “Kanászéri” floodgate located at marker 0+180 rkm of the Tiszaalpár summer dyke

12 May 2005 – 09 Dec 2005


Országos Környezet­védelmi, Természet­védelmi és Vízügyi Főigazgatóság

H-1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 1/C., HUNGARY

VTT Phase I. – Bank protection under the Körös-mouth on the left bank of the River Tisza

15 Nov 2004 – 31 May 2006


Vízügyi Központ és Közgyűjtemények

(Water Management Centre and Public Collection)

H-1012 Budapest,
Márvány u. 1/d, HUNGARY

VTT Phase I – Embankment improvement on the left bank of the River Tisza, between Szeged and the country border

22 Nov 2004 – 02 Dec 2006


Békés Megye Képviselőtestü­lete Önkormányzati Hivatala

(Local Government of Békés County)H-5600 Békéscsaba,
Derkovits sor 2., HUNGARY

Public waterworks within the administrative area of Biharugra-Doboz-Vésztő-Zsadány villages

23 Nov 2004 – 12 Sep 2006


Nemzeti Sportközpontok

(National Sports Centres)

H-1146 Budapest,lstván mezei út 3-5., HUNGARY

Szeged-Matyér rowing track bank protection against wave action and related tasks

07 Apr 2006 – 31 Jul 2006


Körös-vidéki Környezet­védelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság

(Körös-Region Environment and Water Management Directorate)H-5700 Gyula,
Városház u. 26., HUNGARY

Improvement of the flood-protection of rivers Kettős- and Sebes-Körös

07 Dec 2005 – 03 Aug 2006


Vabeko Kft.

H-8600 Siófok,
Fő u. 260., HUNGARY

Demolishing the natural gas delivery pipeline and redundant branch between Városföld and Adony, and removal of the communication cable between Kunszentmiklós and Adony

07 Nov 2005 – 30 Jun 2006


Körös-Maros Nemzeti Park Igazgatósága

(Körös-Maros National Park DirectorateH-5541 Szarvas,
Anna liget 1., HUNGARY

Reconstruction of wetlands in the Körös-Maros National Park

20 Jun 2006 – 30 Nov 2006


Alsó-Tisza vidéki Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság

(Lower Tisza-Region Environment and Water Management Directorate)

H-6720 Szeged,Stefánia 4.


Construction of a reservoir at Lake Banó

15 Oct 2006 – 30 Nov 2006


Hídépítő Speciál Kft.

H-1138 Budapest.
Karikás Frigyes u. 20., HUNGARY

Dredging of the float bays at Dunavecse, back-blading, reconstruction of bank edge.

21 Aug 2006 – 31 Dec 2006


ötiviép B Kft.

H-5000 Szolnok, Gáz út 1., HUNGARY

Landslide reconstruction after flood on the right bank of River Tisza, within the urban area of Tiszavárkony.

21 Jun 2006 – 30 Dec 2006


Alsó-Tisza-vidéki Környzetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság H-6720 Szeged, Stefánia 4., HUNGARY

Reconstruction of the primary flood defence line after flood

02 Jun 2006 – 30 May 2007


Budapest Főváros Főpolgármesteri Hivatal Közmű Ügyosztálya Bp. V. ker. Városház u. 9-11, HUNGARY

Combined stormwater and wastewater sewer network and pump system, implementation of the Danube siphon at Pók street

18 Jan 2005 – 30 Jun 2007

EUR 5,271,498.00


H-9021 Győr,Árpád u. 28-32., HUNGARY

Construction of Ship Station No. OKK3 and its facilities in Győr, Gönyű

16 Jan 2006 – 03 Aug 2006


Központi Pénzügyi és Szerződéskötő Egység

H-1054 Budapest,Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 42-46, HUNGARY

Construction of the land facilities and related infrastructural units, embankment and floating facilities of the border port at Mohács

28 Mar 2006 – 30 Sep 2007

EUR 11,272,946.00

Somogyi és Társa Kft.

Kecskemét, Tatár sor 6., HUNARY

Sludge removal by hydro-mechanisation at Gyomaendrőd, Révzug oxbow lake

16 Oct 2006 – 30 sep 2007


MÁV Zrt.

H-1065 Budapest,
Bajcsy-Zsilinszki u. 25, HUNGARY

Pillar construction, bed and bank protection works of the bridges over River Tisza at Algyő, and River Hármas-Körös at Kunszentmárton

06 Feb 2007 – 06 May 2007


MÁV Zrt.

H-1065 Budapest,
Bajcsy-Zsilinszki u. 25, HUNGARY

Pillar construction, bed and bank protection, bed improvement works for the railway bridges of the Hungarian Railways (MÁV Zrt.)

06 Jun 2007 – 02 Sep 2007


KVV Zrt.
H-8600 Siófok,
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 207., HUNGARY

Demolition of the Kardoskút-Adony and Városföld-Adony pipelines of MOL Plc, Hungarian Oil and Gas Company, crossing the Danube at the Ráckeve-Soroksár section

03 Sep 2007 – 10 Nov 2007


Adafert Kft.

Ada, Nova ulica 3/b.,

Construction of the DN 315 KPE wastewater delivery pipe with the related steel-concrete facilities.

01. Sep 2007 – 03 Arp 2008


Alsó-Tisza vidéki Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság H-6720 Szeged, Stefánia 4.,


Improvement of the bicycle track network on the right embankment of River Tisza

07 Oct 2007 – 30 May 2008


Észak-dunántúli Környezet­védelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság(North Trans-Danubian Environment and Water Management Directorate)H-9021 Győr,Árpád u. 28-32., HUNGARY

Dredging of shallows between markers 1796,50 and 1795,45 rkm on both sides

15 Jan 2008 – 15 Feb 2008


Penta Kft.

H-1105 Budapest,
Mádi u. 17.,


RO-RO port river wall construction works at Csepel, MAHART port

14 Aug 2007 – 01 Oct 2008


Local government of the town of Conop

Arad County 317085 Principala utca 4.


Construction of a footbridge over River Maros, near the town of Conop

12 Oct 2007 – 30 Nov 2008

EUR 935,313.00

Kőolajvezetéképítő Zrt.

H-8600 Siófok,
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 207.,


Ground works for the natural gas delivery pipeline on sections Algyő-Kiskundorozsma and Kiskundorozsma-Városföld

25 Mar 2008 – 15 Sec 2008


Alterra Kft.

H-1103 Budapest,
Sibrik Miklós út 30., HUNGARY

Central wastewater treatment plant at Csepel and related facilities. Construction area delimiting works for the installation of the thalweg inlet bend pipe.

01 Aug 2008 – 30 Mar 2009



H-9021 Győr,
Árpád u. 28-32., HUNGARY

After flood reconstruction works on the Danube at the section between Szap and Szob

13 Aug 2008 – 30 Oct 2008

EUR 696,889.00

Országos Vízügyi Beruházási, Mérnöki Konzulens és Tervező Kft.H-1054 Budapest,
Alkotmány u. 27.,


Flood plain operations in the Alpár-bokros embayment within the VTT investment project – reconstruction of the summer dyke of Alpár, phase I.

13 Feb 2008 – 30 Jul 2009.


STRABAG-MML Kft. JC Direkció
H-1113 Budapest,
Daróci út 30.,


Water engineering works necessary for the reconstruction of the bridge over Hármas-Körös at Endrőd, in Route 46, section 41+235 km

24 Jun 2009 – 30 Dec 2009


Alsó-Tisza vidéki Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság

(Lower Tisza-Region Environment and Water Management Directorate)
H-6720 Szeged,
Stefánia 4.,


Complex water retention action program in the water-system of the Nagyszéksós lake

16 Mar 2009 – 20 Mar 2010


Local government of the town of Veresegyház

H-2112 Veresegyház,
Fő u. 106.,


Dredging, construction of hydraulic structures and rehabilitation works at Malom lake in Veresegyház

06 Jul 2009 – 31 Aug 2010